Biochemistry and cell cultures

Biochemistry and cell culture

Cell cultures:

  • Culture of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
  • Culture of a multicellular organism — elegans
  • Eukaryotic cells differentation

Genotoxity tests:

  • Comet assay
  • Cell analysis on HCA level (micronucleus test)
  • AMES test

Cytotoxity tests (MTT, NRU, LDH, WST, XTT tests)


  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Apoptosis and necrosis detection
  • Determination of mitochondrial potential
  • Cytometry analysis of human cells and cell lines:
    • Analysis and dyeing of surface cell antigen
    • Analysis and dyeing of intracellular antigen
  • Cell invasion and migration
  • Cytotoxity and cell death
  • Cell adhesion
  • Cell proliferation and differentation
  • Signal transduction
  • Sorting of various types of cells, e.g. from human biology material (also cells form in vitro culture)


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