Electric van designed in Łódź

It is electric, ecological, and aesthetic – the One One Lab studio from the Incubator in Bionanopark designed an electric van for an Asian car manufacturer. Hiperon Carrier is expected to reach customers in 2022. It will be sold in Europe, China, and the United States.

One One Lab is a design studio specializing in automotive projects. They create unique concept cars, electric motorcycles and also design
– We have an office in Łódź, but our clients mostly come from Asian countries. For many years, we have been carrying out orders for automotive concerns – we consult projects, prepare product concepts, and help prepare cars for mass production. We have already developed our brand in this industry and it is customers who offer us cooperation – says Jacek Chrzanowski from One One Lab.

Hiperon is a new brand that focuses on ecological solutions. That is why it decided to produce only electric vans and zero-emission buses for transporting people. One One Lab’s task was to develop not only the design of a specific car but also to create the brand image and design language that the company will use in subsequent models.

– We received very specific guidelines from the client, all dimensions of the vehicle. Since the car is fully electric, it also had to look different from traditional delivery vans. Based on these requirements, we designed the body, lighting, and interior design concept. The equipment will be developed in subsequent models, there will be more details and elements ensuring the comfort of use. – explains Chrzanowski. – We are responsible for the appearance, which means that we do not design mechanics, motors, or for example, electrical systems. – he adds.

The car manufacturer has already launched the Hyperon website. Next year, the first cars are to be delivered to new owners. It will be the basic cargo model, i.e. the Hiperon Carrier. In the future, the Hiperon Hermes version, which will accommodate as many as twelve passengers, and Hiperon Demeter, i.e. a zero-emission delivery truck, will also be produced. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Carrier, Hermes, and Demeter will be equipped with a 265 HP electric motor with a 75 kWh battery and a range of 320 km.

One One Lab Design Studio was established in 2015. His portfolio includes, among others projects for a Vietnamese automotive concern. He is currently in talks with one of the largest car manufacturers in Malaysia. They designed the Nikola Tre hydrogen tractor unit for the American company Nikola. The car is manufactured in Germany and will be available for sale in Europe and the USA in a few weeks.