Industrial biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology


  • Assessment of surface susceptibility to microbiological colonization
  • Examination of the microbiological purity of raw materials, products and packaging
  • Asepsis examination
  • Production environment hygiene inspection, including surfaces, air, and personnel
  • Isolation and initial identification of bacteria from environmental samples
  • Selection of microorganisms in terms of selected physiological and metabolic capabilities
  • Analysis of microorganism biochemical capabilities
  • Microbiological identification (traditional and molecular methods)
  • Analysis of surface antimicrobial properties
  • Microbial adhesion capacity assessment

Microorganisms cultures:

  • Bacterial culture in aerobic and anaerobic conditions
  • Culture of extremophilic microorganisms
  • Optimisation of the composition of culture media and culture conditions
  • Development and optimisation of methods of producing biomolecules for industrial use (biotransformation, biorefining processes, agriculture, environmental purification, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, etc.)
  • Development and optimisation of methods of growing microorganisms that are significant for economy and health, such as probiotics, microorganisms useful in environmental protection, strains capable of effective production of specific bioproducts
  • Microbiological cultures for companies and research and development centres in a scale from 1 mL to 150 L
  • Separation and purification of biomolecules in a small production scale
  • Scaling of the processes of microbiological cultures and biomolecule purification (upstream and downstream processing)
  • Optimisation and scaling of the composition of culture media and culture conditions


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