In our laboratories may take place student and doctoral internships, internships for graduates as well as interships financed by external institutions in accordance with the rules set out in the Principles of Interships at Bionanopark.

Recruitment for internships financed by the Labor Office takes place depending on the funds held for this purpose. Recruitment for internships financed from other sources lasts all year. Candidates for internships are asked to email their CVs to the managers of the particular Laboratories. Recruiting for student internships is planned for the month of June. Each laboratory recruits candidates according to individual criteria.

For second cycle students of natural science at Technical University of Lodz, Lodz University and the Medical University of Lodz is organized a competition for the internship in the following Laboratories: Industrial Biotechnology, Molecular and Nanostructural Biophysics, Nanomaterial Structural Research, Personalized Medicine and Biotechnological.
The competition is organized by the Scientific Circle “Ferment” of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences TUL. Terms and dates for submission of applications can be found at: or contact the organizers:

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