Łódź authorities announced a support program for local business

Hanna Zdanowska, the President of Łódź, presented an assistance program for local entrepreneurs. The program was prepared by the local authorities.

The President of Lodz Hanna Zdanowska, presenting the assistance package said: – The assistance program includes postponement and division into installments: rent for commercial premises, property tax, means of transport and lease tax with the interest waiver. We plan a period of 12 months to regulate the arrears. We believe that this solution will be suffitient to survive this crisis.

Adam Pustelnik, Social Plenipotentiary of the President of Łódź for Investors Service City, adds: – The city has also prepared a proposal of post-crisis support for Łódź business. There will be loan guarantees, credits, loans and targeted subsidies. Therefore, we decided to allocate 10 million PLN to the Credit Guarantee Fund of Łódź. This fund will help to boost the economic situation, stimulate the local market and to cover some losses caused by the epidemic. This is just the initial phase of preparing this instrument. We hope that the possibilities of this fund will be much greater by acquiring partners.

The Credit Guarantee Fund of Łódź has been operating since 2006. It was established to help companies that could not receive a loan due to low income or lack of other forms of security. By decision of the City of Łódź authorities, Bionanopark took up shares in the fund in December 2017. Between 2006-2019, 277 companies benefited from its assistance, and the sum of guarantees exceeded 10 million PLN.

All regulations and information about the package are available on the website of the City of Łódź Office.