Organic electronics

Organic electronics

  • High resolution contact measurement of the surface profile with the roughness analysis
  • Mapping the shape of the mask on the substrate – performing the first and subsequent levels of photolithography
  • Optimization of production processes of active layers using solution methods:                                                                                                                        – in glove boxes system                                                                                            – in CLEANROOM ISO5
  • Full characterization of optical and electrical properties of organic thin layers
  • Production of optoelectronic devices with vacuum and/or solution methods with full electrical characterization and encapsulation
  • Surface activation/surface cleaning using the active plasma
  • Determination of liquid or thin layer absorbance
  • Optimization of process of applying paths using ink based on a tested material with conductive properties
  • Optimization of the physical vapor deposition process of organic compounds
  • Optimization of the physical vapor deposition process of the metallic layer (e.g. Ag, Au, Al, Ca, etc.)
  • Determination of electron affinity in molecules
  • Examining of the HOMO / LUMO levels
  • Studies on polarization of particles
  • Influence of substituents on the charge transfer properties


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