Pharmaceutical research

Pharmaceutical research

  • Examination of the microbiological purity of:

Sterile and non-sterile products (medicinal products, pharmaceutical preparations and raw materials, medical products of the proces water, packaging)

  • Structure determination of pure compounds, specimen purity determination
  • Examination of the reaction kinetics and biomolecules affinity
  • Analitical examination of active substances, pharmaceutical preparations aids and drug packages (drug compound on each level, substrats, products, drug precursors – qualitative)
  • Examination of product, drug precursors and raw materials stability
  • Measurement of drug compounds size, such as: active and aid substances, drug carriers, micro‑ and nanoparticles, polymers and biomolecules
  • Examination of drug morphology/ structure, such as: micro and nanoparticles, microspheres, hydrogels, medical dressing
  • Quality control through determination of products olfactory profile
  • High resolution 3D fluorescence analysis of cell cultures and tissue preparations
  • Real-time microscope vital analysis of cells and tissue preparations
  • Chemically selective, highly sensitive, and high-speed imaging of lipid-rich structures with submicron three-dimensional spatial resolution with CARS module
  • Kinetic, short time dynamic -phenomenon detection (e.g. calcium ion flux testing)
  • Angiogenesis test
  • Genotoxity tests (Comet assay,micronucleus test, AMES test)
  • Cytotoxity tests (MTT, NRU, LDH, WST, XTT tests)
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of diet supplements containing   omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil and vitamins
  1. Nuclear magnetic resonance isotope spectroscopy (NMR)
  2. Isotope ratio mass spectrometry (irm-MS)
  3. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
  4. Raman spectroscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTiR)
  5. Optical microscopy, SEM, AFM, TEM, confocal microscopy with CARS module
  6. Dynamic light scattering method (DLS)
  7. Electronic nose
  8. Gas chromatography
  • GC-MS analysis
  • GC-FID analysis
  1. Liquid chromatography
  • LC-DAD/Corona analysis
  • LC-ESI/APCI-MS/MS analysis
  • Registration of ESI/APCI-MS/MS spectra
  • Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) with Corona Charged Aerosol Detector (CAD) and Diode Array Detector (DAD)
  • Ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph (UHPLC) coupled with mass spectrometer
  1. High performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC)
  2. Flash Chromatography
  3. Capillary electrophoresis (CE)
  • Drug molecules analysis and visualisation
  • Molecule hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity determination
  • Dipole moment determination
  • Analysis of molecular interactions
  • Imaging and analysis of IR, UV-vis
  • Research on the drugs structure
  • Determining reaction transition states
  • Drug Delivery Systems (DDS)


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