Printers for hospitals

What can be made with a 3D printer and a piece of foil? A safe visor for health service. Owners of 3D printers across Poland got in on the action. Centrum Druku 3D (3D Printing Center), a company seated in our Incubator and the e-Nable foundation responded to this call in Łódź.

The idea was simple – to help health service obtain essential personal protective equipment to fight against coronavirus pandemic. This is how the projects of visors and goggles were designed for doctors and nurses. The design consists of printed visor frame, protective foil and an elastic material rubber enabling adjustment of the equipment. Such printout is created in about 4 hours. Assembling, with a little practice takes less than 2 minutes.

– Anyone watching news services wondered what we can do to stop it. When we started hearing about the #DrukarzeDlaSzpitali (#PrintersForHospitals) action, we decided to join it. – explains Paweł Ślusarczyk from Centrum Druku 3D.

– We have a dozen of 3D printers at our disposal, filaments for them are easily available. Finding the appropriate protective foil was a challenge, but thanks to the advice of familiar printers from other cities and their experience, we chose the suitable material. We print non-stop and we will do it as long as the vidors are needed and we have enough materials. – adds Anna Ślusarczyk, from the e-Nable foundation.

Anna Ślusarczyk will also take care of logistics. She will take care of delivering visors to hospitals in need.

Currently, the visors are intended to a single use, but the work to find a method of effective parts sterillization is in progres.

The nationwide campaign #DrukarzeDlaSzpitali brought together the environment of 3D printers, designers, constructors, engineers and volunteers who want to help. It gathers information from medical facilities about their needs, and then coordinates the delivery of printed visors and masks.

Within a few days, volunteers involved in this action have printed more than 500 visors using dozens of 3D printers. They were supplied to the majority of hospitals in Lodz region.