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The aim of the project is to develop designing and manufacturing individual orthopedic implants – the femoral implants technology.
The design concept should be comprehend as fitting of the implant to individual anatomical features of the patient, the best solution for permanent implant mounting and the instruments necessary for proper implantation and work related to the endurance tests of the proposed implants and their combination with bone tissue. Design technology must also take into consideration the capabilities of the implant manufacturing technology with additive technology (3D printing), subtractive technology (CNC milling machines), hybrid methods and selection of suitable joint and feet prostheses, considering the patient’s medical condition and needs.

The scope of work in the project includes the process of designing implants with the use of programmes for reverse engineering, the finite element implant design analysis (MES), the selection of an appropriate sterilization technique and its validation, biocompatibility evaluation, analysis of the mechanical strength of the manufactured implant prototypes and performing surgical procedures.

The advantages of using a personalized orthopedic implant:
• Improving the functionality of walking after limb amputation,
• Possibility of easy removal and putting on knee prostheses,
• Improvement of quality and lifestyle after limb amputation

The benefits of using bone anchored prosthesis:
• full range of motionon
• less body pressure, fewer ulcers and pain in both the skin and soft tissues
• stable attachment of the prosthesis to the body
• better walking ability
• easy installation and removal of the prosthesis
• prosthesis can be worn daily (24 hours a day)
• comfort while sitting
• lack of a funnel stump allows to eliminate any problems related to the regulation of the prosthesis
• improving the quality of life

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under the First Action Competition 4.1 “Research and Development”, Subaction 4.1.4 “Application Projects” intelligent Development Operational Programme, 2014-2020. Contract no POIR. 04.01.04-00-0058/17-00 concluded on 29.06.2018. Project title: “Design and manufacture of personalised medical implants” acronym Custom -ITAP.

The project is carried out in the form of a consortium:
Project Leader-Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Materials Engineering, Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry, Department of Strength of Materials.
Consortium members: Bionanopark Ltd., The Pabianice Tool Factory „PAFANA” S.A., Lodz Medical University.
Total Project value: 6,066,849.45 PLN, including funding: 5,262,842.15 PLN (Lodz University of Technology: 3,544,343.16 PLN)
Realization Date: 2018.06.04-2021.06.03, (36 months), Project includes: Industrial Research and Development (BP + PR)
Project Manager: Prof. PhD Bogdan Walkowiak, phone number: +4842 631 30 61
Managing Director: Anna Kowalska, phone number: +4842 631 30 33