Still lack of visors, Bionanopark starts to help

Visors are lightweight, comfortable and provide face protection – number of hospitals which are asking for visors created on 3D printers is still rising. Bionanopark responded to this call and began printing them in the Individual Medical Implants Unit.

The design consists of a printed visor frame, protective foil and an elastic rubber enabling adjustment of the equipment. Bionanopark engineers have modified print parameters to make process faster.

Bionanopark has 3D printers that now are used to print visors. We utilise the stock of previously purchased materials.

– In our Individual Medical Implants Unit we usually print implant prototypes and anatomical models. – explains Marcin Elgalal, PhD. – since the state of epidemic was introduced, planned operations have been suspended. Therefore, we decided to use our 3D printers to support hospitals.

– In our opinion, epidemic status requires unconventional and quick actions. We use all our equipment facilities to help. We have already lent six laboratory devices to the new virology laboratory at the Central Teaching Hospital. Now we have launched visors printing, but I believe that this is not the last aid project that we will implement at this exceptional time – adds Marek Cieślak, President of the Board of Bionanopark.

Individual Medical Implants Unit will produce up to 40 visors per week. They will be supplied to the most needy hospitals in Łódź.